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Monogram Tips

Ladies Monogram: For most, the conventional personalization for a lady is a monogram, consisting of three letters with a larger letter in the middle flanked by two smaller letters on each side. Traditionally, the larger middle letter is for the last name, the smaller letter on the left is for the first name and the smaller letter on the right is for either the middle name or maiden name. Jacqueline Onassis Kennedy would be JKO

Men’s Monogram: The traditional personalization for a man are his horizontal initials also known as a block monogram. Each letter is the same height and appears in the same order as the actual name – first name, middle name, last name. Thomas Rhett Akins would be TRA

Couple’s Monogram: Traditionally when the bride takes the groom’s last name, the monogram is Bride’s First Name, Common Last Name, Groom’s First Name. If you are undecided, just monogram the last initial or last name-for a simple and sophisticated gift. Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter would be RCJC would be appropriate, as well as CARTER or Carter.

Single Initial Monogram: Ladies: Use her first name initial. Men: Use either first or last initial. Use the last name initial for a couple.