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Monograms are one of the oldest forms of identification in the world and they date back to the times of the ancient Greeks and Romans. Monograms have served many roles over the years from indicating social status to serving as a signature for royals and artists. Today, monograms offer a way to mark personal property, display pride in your name, and add a touch of class to just about anything you can embroider, etch, or paint. When getting a monogram in the modern era, many people opt to just use their last name initial. Of course, some prefer to use their first name initial, middle initial some use all three initials; it’s really up to you. We at Southern Charm Embroidery & Gifts ‑ your personal monogram shop in Georgia ‑ will accommodate you no matter what you want your monogram to say. You’re the customer and we aim to please.

The most common monograms we see at our monogram shop in Georgia include three‑letter monograms such as were popular in Victorian England. Men usually use the letters of their first, middle, and last names- in that order. ‑ with the letters all being the same height. Typically for ladies we use the letters of their first name, last name, and middle name. For example, Amanda Baker Charles would be ACB, with the middle letter being the last name initial larger in the center. David Edward Franklin would be DEF.

For married couples, the middle and largest letter in a monogram is usually the surname, but there are two options for displaying the first name initials of the husband and wife. Southern Charm Embroidery is a monogram shop in Georgia that understands these two different schools of thought and can deliver whichever you prefer. Some say ladies should go first and want the monogram to appear as the wife’s initial, followed by the surname initial, and finally the husband’s initial. For Amanda and Bill Charles it would be ACB. If you put the husband’s initial first, in this example for Amanda and Bill Charles, it would appear as BCA. In both of these cases, the middle surname initial (C) would appear largest.

All that being said, if you ask anyone at Southern Charm Embroidery & Gift ‑ in our experience as a professional monogram shop in Georgia ‑ it all comes down to what you like and what you want. We can deliver monograms of any letters in practically any size and any font.

We hope this helps you clear up monogram etiquette and gives you some insight into how our monogram shop in Georgia would handle your monogram orders. We take the utmost care to get your monogram right the first time. To find out how to order your next monogram ‑ and to view the types of items onto which we can place a monogram ‑ visit us online at

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